Orthodontic Options

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Initial Consultation

The first visit involves an evaluation with the orthodontist, assessing the stage of dentofacial maturation,
alignment of the teeth, occlusion (bite), jaw relationship, and expected development.   We also discuss your primary concerns and address any concerns or diagnostic information your dentist provides.  We then present our preliminary findings and recommendations.  If treatment is recommended, we will provide a tentative plan of action, and possibly gather additional diagnostic information.  Financial arrangements,
informed consent, and insurance/third-party benefits will also be discussed.  This visit takes approximately sixty minutes.

Observation Visit

If treatment is not recommended yet, we often like to monitor dental and jaw development.  The appropriate timing of treatment can be very important to the outcome.  These visits take approximately ten minutes and occur every six to twelve months.

Placement Visit

This involves the placement of braces or some other device to guide development, align the teeth, or improve the bite.  These visits take approximately thirty to ninety minutes and occur at the beginning of, and occasionally during, treatment.

Treatment Visits

These involve periodic adjustments to the braces or other devices to provide the desired changes.  We monitor progress and adjust our treatment plan accordingly.  Each takes between 10 and 40 minutes and occur at four to eight week intervals.


The braces or orthodontic devices are removed or discontinued, and we take “after” records.  It typically takes 30 to 75 minutes depending on the orthodontic devices involved.


Here we check the integrity of the retainers and monitor the stability of our results.  Generally, we provide four brief visits over a two year period.