Orthodontic Options

Orthodontics often includes limited, interceptive, multi-phase, comprehensive, and inter-disciplinary options. In addition, these options may include various techniques, technologies, philosophies, or modalities.

In recent years, the number of orthodontic “systems” has multiplied greatly, and marketing has intensified proportionately–often leaving patients confused about what is best for them.

At COS, we do not ascribe to any single orthodontic option or modality. Rather, we incorporate many approaches and tailor treatment to the individual. 

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COS proudly uses products from American Orthodontics, a Wisconsin-based innovator and manufacturer of top quality braces, wires, and auxiliary devices. Since 1968 American Orthodontics has become a leading global orthodontic supplier, with 98% of its products made in the USA. Ask us about the latest in metal and esthetic braces from American Orthodontics.
COS features innovative orthodontic products from 3M Unitek, an industry leader in the design and production of braces, assorted wires, and composites. A US company with a time-honored history of quality, 3M Unitek also enjoys a global reach. Ask about the latest in metal and esthetic braces from 3M Unitek.

COS offers Invisalign and ClearCorrect, similar systems that utilize clear, removable aligners to help straighten teeth.  Though not for everyone, and limited in what can be accomplished, clear aligners offer an alternative to metal or esthetic braces.